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Having worked in the industry for 16 years, Dan Saxton, set up DTCS Financial Ltd in 2016.  The aim is to ensure you have access to friendly, local, independent, whole of market advice on your mortgage or insurance.  We can even help with estate planning (Wills & Trusts etc..).  Our offices are in Pontyclun, just above Fullbrooks Bistro so we’re right on hand to help when you need us.


Taking independent advice, whether buying your first home, re-mortgaging, or moving up the ladder, can ensure you get the very best deal for you.


Insurance isn’t exciting (other than for people who should get out more like me!), but it is something you want to get right.  Life, critical illness, income protection and other insurances are complex so take some fee free independent advice

Estate Planning

No one likes to plan for the worst, but with a friendly and personal service we ensure you protect your assets for those you want to benefit from them.

Buy to Let

Building a portfolio of properties or just looking to let a second property? We offer advice to landlords through access to whole of market products.  Recent regulation changes make professional advice even more important.

Get in touch now.

Services and planning


First time buyers, re-mortgaging, next-time-buyers, Right to Buy, PRC specialist.

Buy to Let

Buy to let, portfolio advice, first time landlords, let to buy, Limited Company buy to let.


Life Assurance, Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection, Buildings & Contents Insurance and much more.

Estate Planning

Will writing service, trusts, full estate & blood-line planning & Lasting Power of Attorney preparation (LPA’s)

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DTCS Financial Ltd - Dan Saxton - Independent Mortgage & Insurance Adviser

We may be listening to our Christmas playlist!
Christmas wishes from
Dan & Lisa 😉


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That's the spirit!!!!!?


Ah stop now...

It's ok - stand down grinches - our Christmas mix has finished now so we've just had a bit of Baby Shark... now Jeremy Vine's finished we've got Radio 2 back on and are ready for Steve Wright 😀 😀

Sounds fab, I'll grab my laptop and be down now 😂😂

14 weeks today 🦌🎅🏻🎄😁😁😁

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Hello Facebookers!!

Could you spare me some of your time?

For a variety of reasons, which I won't go in to here, I'm very aware that money and finances can be an enormous source of stress and anxiety for some people, and that coming in to an office to talk through things, over a desk, with a man in a suit, can be incredibly daunting and take some real guts to do.

So, I'd like to make this easier for people who do struggle either with general anxiety or money related anxiety.

I'm not in a position (at the moment) to help people with general money concerns (inability to pay debts / understanding how banks work / bankruptcy etc) and this is not something I'm aiming to do. What I am looking to do is make it easier to access financial services in a non-scary and really relaxed way.

So, I'm thinking of putting two days a month aside for this very reason, and what I need your help with is making this worthwhile for people - how best to deliver it. We could cover any subject I advise on (mortgages, secured loans, life assurance, health insurance, home insurance, Wills etc...)

My thoughts are currently as follows:

1) Allow two hours for the meeting (usually they last about an hour), say from 10am until 12pm, with people arriving whenever they feel ready half an hour before or after the start time and so we've loads of time and no rushing.

2) Giving people the option of having the meeting either in our meeting room as normal, or if that's too formal we've a sofa and a chair in the kitchen so we can sit in there with a cuppa (people could tell me before they arrive) - a photo of the room would be provided so people know what to expect

3) Having the option of a "safe word" or signal that would mean we'd immediately switch the subject to something which is calm or relaxing (maybe talking about cars or dogs or the weather or holidays)

4) Making it absolutely, definitely, impossible to sign up for any product or service during the meeting so people know there can't be any pressure. The plan being people email or text after if they'd like to proceed with anything.

5) All formal documentation (client agreement / privacy notice etc) being sent before hand for people to read and sign at home so there's no real formality to the start of the meeting

6) Leaving the door to the room open and, if people want, having as many breaks as they want either when needed or pre-agreed so they can walk out, perfectly acceptably, every ten minutes or twenty minutes knowing they don't have to come back in if they don't want.

7) Encouraging people (whether you're 18 or 80) to bring a family member or friend who can either sit in the meeting with us, or just sit in whichever room we're not in (kitchen or meeting room) so they know they're just next door.

8) Sending people a form allowing them to put together a list of subjects or words that we should NOT talk about.

9) As I'm a man, and some people may not be comfortable being alone with a man for loads of reasons, offering that if they don't want to bring a friend or family, Lisa could sit in the meeting with us.

10) Choice of having some music on in the background... bring your own CD, or just the radio.

11) Office being otherwise closed for the day so no unscheduled visitors or worries about being interrupted.

Any thoughts or suggestions before I go ahead with anything would be REALLY REALLY welcome.

**Oh - the above would be all free


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Ok my thoughts having been there. Purely my own thoughts 1. The meeting time doesn't affect someone with anxiety. Yes the meeting itself will but taking away the 'you have to be there at X time' doesn't help. We need structure and a point to aim to. 2. Less formal is a good idea. 3. Safe word no. You will know the point. The person will start getting upset, breathing heavy, you need then to change the subject. 4. Excellent 5. Don't send before it will freak people out. Go through it either on the day or after. 6. No need as point 3 covers it 7. Good idea but to sit with them not in another room. 9. It wouldn't bother me but I understand this one so yes a good idea 10. Radio good choice 11. Difficult one this one. Yes you don't want to be interupted but I don't see closing a good idea either. As I say purely my own perspective from being in this position previously

As someone who avoids financial discussions/ paperwork like the plague I think it’s great you consider this. I’ve commented on your post and emailed it to you. Hope it helps😊👍.

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Hooray!!! More response to my appeal for gin wrapped in a fiver!!!! Thank you to the lovely Roxie and Jon ❤ 🙂

I am very lucky to have the most amazing clients!!!

Hooray!!! More response to my appeal for gin wrapped in a fiver!!!! Thank you to the lovely Roxie and Jon ❤ 🙂 

I am very lucky to have the most amazing clients!!!


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You jammy git!! 😘

I'll have the gin.... and Gary will have the fiver 😂

ill be over tomorrow to sort that job. box of carling wudnt go a miss for all the amazing work i do for you mr saxton

ok im not fussy a bottle of southern confort will do fine

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Our first meeting will be centred around explaining our service, and how we may be able to help, followed by getting to know you and your situation.  Typically, our first meeting will last around an hour and is always entirely at our cost so you can be comfortable that you want to work with us before anything other than a chat happens.

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