Making sense from all the information available can be confusing, and getting the best deal for you very difficult.  Being qualified to Dimploma level in mortgages, and being an independent adviser with over 16 years experience, Dan is ideally placed to help you secure the right mortgage for you.


In recent years, it has not usually been mandatory to take any insurance out, other than buildings insurance, with a mortgage.  This means regardless of your current situation any insurance is optional.  Rather than guess at what might be the best thing to do, we can offer professional, whole of market, advice and set the most suitable policy up for you, working with you all the way.

Estate Planning

Writing a Will can be quite daunting, but by talking everything through, in a pressure free, understanding, environment we can make a difficult job easy and ensure your wishes are correctly recorded.  A single Will is £99 and mirror Wills (typically for couples) are £149 for the pair.  More advanced planning costs are by agreement.

Buy to Let

Whether looking to rent your current property and move to a new home, start building a property portfolio, build a larger rental income for the future or even just talk about how the whole process works we can help.

Your Financial Advice Journey

Read our advice journey section to help your financial situation.

Understanding your situation

The first step of any advice journey is to get to know you as rarely are two situations the same.  During this first step, you will get to know all about us too and how we can help.

Once we’ve talked through current situation, and got to know your needs and priorities, we can begin to formulate the best solution for you.

  • Discuss current situation
  • Get to know each other
  • Talk through any existing policies or products
  • Look to get a timeframe in mind
  • Agree next steps
  • Whole of Market
  • No pressure
  • Your needs and priorities addressed
  • Affordability check


Following our first meeting, if you wish, we will conduct research to confirm the best option for you.  We can either meet to talk through the options, or, what many people find easier when they’re busy, is that we email a summary of suggested next steps which can be digested at your leisure and referred back to in future.

Depending on the complexity of your requirements this stage can take from as little as a few hours to a few days.

Start saving today. Do not look to pay day loans as a quick fix, these can just start a spiral of in and out of debt.

Know your limits when borrowing. Do a full financial analysis of affordability before committing to purchases. Total credit payments should not exceed 15% of your take home pay. Any auto payment s such as mortgage and vbills should not exceed 25% of take home pay. Remember to ensure you have enough left in your budget for living.

Documentation Required

Having completed our research, and discussed our initial suggestions with you, we will confirm our formal advice to you and, with your agreement, look to submit any applications or begin drafting any documents which you have asked us to prepare.

  • Mortgage Applications take from 2 to 16 weeks typically
  • Insurance Applications can be immediate, or where more information is needed (like medical history), these can take several weeks
  • Wills can generally be produced within 5 to 10 days, though more complex planning will take longer.
  • Summarise
  • Confirm you’re happy
  • Resolve any outstanding issues
  • Agree future action, if any

Your options

Following the advice process we will confirm to you what has happened, and why we recommended it.  We will also seek to ensure that you are happy with the service you’ve received and agree a time when we’ll next speak to ensure your financial situation remains stable and any products which you hold remain suitable.

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